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MELECHESH - Emissaries


It’s been too long since we’ve heard from MELECHESH; four years to be exact. Their last album, Sphynx, was damn good but Emissaries easily surpasses it. MELECHESH immediately set the tone for their tremendous new album from the first second. “Rebirth of the Nemesis” blasts forth conjuring up a violent and dark sandstorm with their trademark Middle Eastern riffing and rhythms, and seething aggression. “Ladders to Sumeria” follows with a great demonstration of riff progressions balanced with strong hooks. Ominous chanting vocals help to accentuate the dark atmospheres. “Deluge of Delusional Dreams” has just such a well-written intro as the rhythms and awesome riffs build tension and energy that is finally unleashed in with the first main riff. One thing that becomes readily apparent as Emissaries progresses is that MELECHESH have chosen to up the intensity via blast beats and super fast guitars/bass. Each song stays in perpetual motion as they have this feel of ever-shifting tension and a great sense of natural flow. The band’s cover of THE TEA PARTY’s “Gyroscope” is fantastic as they give it the trademark MELECHESH-treatment and make it their own. Seriously, the entire album is a clinic in writing compelling and powerful metal music. Mainman Ashmedi not only puts most guitarists to shame but also shows more conviction and soul in his venomous vocal performance than most other faceless vocalists out there. The album title couldn’t be any more fitting as MELECHESH are on a mission to show you the superiority of their unique style of Mesopotamian Metal. No doubt about it, MELECHESH have established with Emissaries that they are in the upper echelon of extreme metal. (Osmose Productions USA/The End Records)