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MI AMORE - The Lamb


Quebec, Canada’s MI AMORE make quite a statement with their second album, The Lamb. Think of a catchier, heavier, and more rockin version of that overrated band, SUPERJOINT RITUAL. Follow that with ENTOMBED’s mid-era of death n’ roll, EYEHATEGOD, and a shitload of great hooks and you’ve got yourself a bad ass band. Each song, averaging about two minutes in length, gets straight to the point by kicking your ass and leaving no tired aftertaste. The beauty of The Lamb is that even though you “get” their relatively simple style after the first three tracks, MI AMORE finds a way to keep their sound fresh and exciting throughout its 13 tracks. The vocals of Gil Amore sound like a bastard child of Jeff Walker (CARCASS), Gustaf Jorde (DEFLESHED), and Mike Williams (EYEHATEGOD). Guest appearance include The Lamb’s producer Kurt Ballou (CONVERGE), Nate Newton (CONVERGE), and Mike McTernan (DAMNATION A.D.). I can’t stress how much this album rocks. I’ve seen the light and I’ve gladly walked into it. (Cyclops Media)