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MINDGRINDER - Riot Detonator


It’s not often that you see a band improve so greatly on their sophomore album. Most are seemingly doomed from the start. Not so for Norway’s MINDGRINDER, who truly break out of their shell with their second release, Riot Detonator. With new drummer Dan in tow, the band have forged ahead with their aggressive and energetic blend of classic thrash and death metal. One of their best qualities lay in their fundamental understanding that no matter how extreme/complex the music is, it’s gotta be catchy and stick with the listener. Whether it be vocal lines, guitar solos, or beefy riffs, Riot Detonator contains plenty of memorable material. Vocalist/bassist Cosmocrator puts down a strong performance with his David Vincent (MORBID ANGEL)-like roar and 80’s thrash metal bark. Guitarists Nitrous and Titan provide plenty of guitar heroics with their solos throughout the album. Riot Detonator starts off with catchier songs and then progressively ventures into darker territory. The final four tracks do a fantastic job in reviving the spirit of early MORBID ANGEL, particularly the Blessed Are The Sick/Covenant eras. MINDGRINDER have plenty to be proud of with Riot Detonator and if they improve as drastically on next album as they did here, let this review be a forewarning for what’s to come. (Nocturnal Art Productions)