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Despite the curse of even more line-up changes as well as a non-stop touring schedule, the prolific MISERY INDEX still managed to find time crank out another EP on their own Anarchos imprint. Reflecting on much of the anxiety, hypocrisy and division in our current political climate, the appropriately titled, Dissent, factors in on the issues and conflicts of the day in an aggressive, yet well thought out manner. Frontman Jason Netherton has long been known for his politically charged, angst-driven lyrics and Dissent is no exception. He lashes out at rich, greedy corporations with all the fury and defiance he can muster. Musically, Dissent is a departure from the band’s past work and sees them maturing considerably with regards to performance, production, and overall songcraft. Split into four parts, the thirteen minute epic title track begins with “Sheep and Wolves,” easily the slowest song that the band has ever done. It’s built on an ominous sinister vibe similar to SLAYER’s work on “South of Heaven.” On the other hand, “Exception to the Ruled” attacks with seething rage in an alternating battle between crust punk fury and crushing breakdowns. But the song also features some of the most melodic, metal- inspired guitar solos ever heard from Sparky Voyles. The last section of Dissent closes with the catchy, pounding intensity of “Multiply By Fire,” which is sure to bring a smile to fans of Destroy The Opposition-era DYING FETUS. The EP then closes with the blasting “Defector.” Longtime fans will also be pleased with the return (albeit brief) of original drummer Kevin Talley. He delivers a hard hitting drum clinic throughout the EP, showcasing why he’s been the drummer of choice for underground heavyweights from SUFFOCATION to M.O.D. (he was even a finalist for SLAYER’s drum throne at one point). But unfortunately Talley has jumped ship once again with his defection to the CHIMAIRA camp. Nonetheless, Dissent is an excellent EP with its only flaw being its duration which leaves you wanting more. But I guess that’s what the repeat button is for. (Anarchos Records)