MISERY INDEX – Heirs to Thievery

As one of the hardest working bands in the metal scene, Maryland’s MISERY INDEX grind out a new album with Heirs to Thievery. Vocalist Jason Netherton’s lyrics have stayed true with his political views and makes the listener actually expand their mind by using their brain to think.

Musically, the band expands on their last output, Traitors, and most of the songs on Heirs to Thievery stay short and sweet, mostly within the 2-3 minute range. This is 35 minutes of in your face, loud, brutal attack on your auditory senses. Tracks like “Embracing Extinction” and the title track tease you with a melodic lick, catchy riff, then the drums and vocals pummel the listener like a ton of bricks. “The Carrion Call” and “Plague of Objects” include some great riffs, double bass, and breaks, but the true highlights are the tracks with some very special guests.

HATE ETERNAL mastermind Erik Rutan lends some backup vocals on “The Illuminaught,” and MISERY INDEX continues their incestuous relationship with DYING FETUS by having current FETUS guitarist/growler John Gallagher do backups on “Sleeping Giants,” and ex-DYING FETUS vocalist Vince Matthews on “You Lose.” The album ends quickly and powerfully with “Day of the Dead,” which is a satisfying end and should prompt the listener to hit play again.

Netherton was always the backbone of the political stance in DYING FETUS, and he continues to write actual lyrics that aren’t just filler. While DYING FETUS continues the one dimensional SUFFOCATION inspired slam riff style, MISERY INDEX have evolved past that with a sound of their own. The chemistry of guitarist Sparky Voyles and drummer Adam Jarvis mesh well, and once again MISERY INDEX deliver a punishing and memorable album. (Relapse Records)

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