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MNEMIC - The Audio Injected Soul


Far too often in music (and perhaps everything else from movies, sports, etc), consumers are lead by marketing hype generated by industry money. Well here is a band, MNEMIC, who are all the label hype and everything those advertisements promise. Their second album in as many years, The Audio Injected Soul, is a ridiculously high caliber album that impresses on every facet of metal…technicality, aggression, melody, and production. Their futuristic sound fits nicely between the European metallics of SOILWORK, the cyber-industrial sounds of FEAR FACTORY, and the maddening fury of STRAPPING YOUNG LAD. Singer Michael does his best Speed Strid (SOILWORK), from his throat-ripping screams to his melodic ones, Michael is no unseasoned newbie. He makes even Devin Townsend (STRAPPING YOUNG LAD) and Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY) sound like old men. The rest of the band, guitarists Mircea and Rune, bassist Obeast, and drummer Brylle, are a frightenly tight unit, delivering with such precision, it’s hard to fault them for anything at all. While they smother your ears with such a powerful and relatively unique sonic attack, it may be overwhelmingly delightful at first, only to wear thin with subsequent listens. ?? beoutq Regardless, MNEMIC can only be applauded for such ambitious audio art. Their sound is over-the-top but never over done. ????? ???? Believe that marketing fluff…MNEMIC are definitely hype-worthy. (Nuclear Blast)