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There comes a time when a little, obscure album finds its way to you and ends up blowing your mind. Such is the case with MODERN LIFE IS WAR’s My Love, My Way. This is some of the most passionate and inspirational hardcore to come out in a long time. No attempts at playing “short-haired metal,” no image-laden promotion, just some genuinely honest music. Soundwise, MODERN LIFE IS WAR utilize a simple, straight ahead approach of driving, energetic riffs and rhythms; no drawn out breakdowns or guitar acrobatics. Everything is held together by Jeff’s charismatic and convincing vocal lead. My Love, My Way has some very eloquent lyrics. “I grew up tied down and bleeding on the inside, but I know I was a victim of my own device, and I want to live to see a brand new life” perfectly captures the “take action” stance of the album. The lyrics capture the passion of the hardcore spirit and the vigor (as well as the disillusionment) of youth. They are definitely worth reading and paying attention to. There’s just something about this album that hits you in the gut and makes you feel alive. My Love, My Way has the unique power to inspire someone to take control of their lives and empower themselves. True hardcore. (Martyr Records)