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MOONSPELL - Memorial


There are few better things in music as when the masters of the art come out with a killer album so far into their career. This is certainly the case with Memorial, the newest work from Portugal’s legendary dark/black/gothic metal pioneers. Opening track, “Finisterra,” opens the portal into the dark, bloody red world that is Memorial. MOONSPELL keeps the lifeforce pumping hard with plenty of energetic tempos, lush walls of keyboards, and simply, excellent guitar work. As can be assumed, the ever charismatic vocalist, Fernando Ribeiro, shakes the earth with his powerful mix of predominantly distorted roars and soothing clean vocals. One of the best aspects of Memorial is the powerful atmospheres and just that special mystical and mysterious feeling that only a band like MOONSPELL can conjure. There are no highlights as the album does not have any perceivable weak points. This is just about as solid and cohesive as you can get. As (un)believable as it may be, Memorial easily ranks up there with the band’s essential milestone, Wolfheart. In all honesty, MOONSPELL’s flame continues to burn as bright as a raging inferno. (SPV Records)