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MORTICIAN - Darkest Day of Horror


MORTICIAN is just one of those bands that keeps on truckin’ regardless if anyone cares to hear them or not. They are undoubtedly the kings of horror-inspired grinding death metal. Refusing to compromise (or progress as a band), MORTICIAN hack and slack through 20 tracks of ultra low-fi death metal filled with horror movie samples. Ultra low guttural growls, down-tuned guitars, and a hyper speed drum machine are the components of their sound. The band’s sound resembles old school bands like CARCASS and REPULSION rather than anything that has come out in recent memory. Guitarist Roger Beaujard’s production is perhaps, the album’s strongpoint. The guitars and bass are ultra thick and low-fi while simultaneously sounding crystal clear. Even the drum machine sounds more natural than many of the drums on death metal albums today. Overall, Darkest Day of Horror is average at best. There are cool riffs here and there but not nearly enough to push this record above mediocrity. Plus, the songs get old, fast. After numerous (repetitious) albums, the most obviously blaring question is “Who cares?” (Relapse)