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MÖTLEY CRÜE - Greatest Video Hits


When Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee tell stories, people listen! And that is exactly what makes MÖTLEY CRÜE’s Greatest Video Hits an enjoyable DVD to watch. The included “Back Talk” interview (in the “Extra Cr@p” section) features the two rock star personalities thumbing through their memories about each of their videos and assorted MÖTLEY antics. The interview is pleasantly presented in an edited rockumentary fashion which makes the 50-plus minutes of MÖTLEY storytelling perfect for watching. There’s no interaction necessary and you wont find yourself fast- forwarding through any of the segment (although the disparity of the volume between the spoken parts and interspersed clips is a bit of an annoyance).

Of course the DVD is primarily comprised of all the band’s video assets (plus a few alternate/uncensored versions to boot), which is great to have all in one collection. Highlights are definitely the rarely aired videos like “Afraid” and “Smoke the Sky.”

Speaking of “Smoke the Sky,” another plus is that the DVD includes the videos from the highly-underrated John Corabi-era: “Hooligan’s Holiday,” “Misunderstood,” and the said “Smoke the Sky.” The latter is a raw, visually appealing, self-financed clip that matches the song’s high-energy “Kickstart My Heart” vibe, while on the other hand the melodic “Misunderstood” unfortunately comes up short as it’s comprised of contrived footage that parallels the lyrics too much and is ultimately boring to watch. But for the sake of not shunning musical gems from the Corabi-era CRÜE, big ups for keeping it all in the family. (Hip-O Records)