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MURDER WEAPON - Nervous Wreck


MURDER WEAPON’s Nervous Wreck is a quickie seven song EP at just over ten minutes in length. But despite their limited space, the band wastes no time beating and battering the listener into submission with their dark urban tales of betrayal and deceit. Musically, the band recalls 80’s hardcore greats, SICK OF IT ALL and AGNOSTIC FRONT, with some MADBALL thrown in for good measure. As “Bad Blood,” “Burnt Bridges” and “Army Of The Dead” all provide plenty of shout along choruses for you and your crew to sing along to. But the band by no means sounds dated, as Andreas Magnusson provides a crisp, razor-sharp recording. So even though Nervous Wreck may not be the most original release out there and the EP blazes by so quickly as to almost become forgettable, it’s still refreshing to hear a hardcore band that actually sounds like a hardcore band instead of the usual suspects who claim to be, while ripping off Swedish death metal bands. So if you’re looking for a quick fix of real hardcore, done with urgent, angry conviction, then look no further than MURDER WEAPON. (Martyr Records)