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MY DYING BRIDE - A Line of Deathless Kings


The venerable MY DYING BRIDE have been steadily dooming it out since the dawn of extreme, underground metal in the early 90’s. Then equipped with metal’s only violin, MY DYING BRIDE flaunted a uniqueness and spice that peaked with 1998’s very experimental 34.788%…Complete album. Subsequent albums, however, characterized the band as reborn with some new members and a refocused effort to rekindle their doom-laden roots. A Line of Deathless Kings sits comfortably in that era of safe, predictable, post-34.788% dirge. The guitars lay the groundwork for a dark and emotional voyage into pain and despair with Aaron Stainthorpe’s sorrowful croon spitting tears of hurt and worry (along with a few tasty death growls). Unfortunately though, while all the key elements are in place, A Line of Deathless Kings is sorely lacking any salt and pepper. The band meddle in relative flavorlessness sans violin and any sort of drive to create a compelling musical capsule. Songs are lengthy and mostly forgettable. While faithfuls of the band’s original style will no doubt toast the band’s latest accomplishment, those seeking something more from their music will certainly be let down. With nine albums under their belt, one would certainly expect far greater from these darling metal veterans.