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MY DYING BRIDE - Songs of Darkness, Words of Light


The U.K. doom metal legends return with the follow up to their highly acclaimed, The Dreadful Hours. While The Dreadful Hours was the band’s most aggressive album to date, Songs of Darkness, Words of Light is a more subdued, narcotic work. The new album is a culmination of their previous work rather than a radical, new direction for MY DYING BRIDE. Opening track, “The Wreckage of My Flesh,” sets the tone with its funeral procession-like feel. “My Wine in Silence” is the most depressing track with its tragic and lonely theme. “A Doomed Lover” is a strong closer. The plodding crescendo at the end has a great sense of tension and finality. One of the strongest qualities of Songs of Darkness, Words of Light is just how easily the songs flow. The keyboards are used sparingly and just at the right moments and thus, prove most effective in these instances. Aaron Stainthorpe lays down another charismatic and strong vocal performance. He knows exactly when to growl, sing, and whisper in the right tone of voice. The rest of the band provides a top-notch performance as well. Like the seasoned professionals that they are, MY DYING BRIDE have easily written another solid album. (Peaceville Records)