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NADJA - Skin Turns to Glass


To listen to Skin Turns to Glass is to be transported to another world. The sound of the album is absolutely massive. It’s the sound of icebergs shifting, planets forming, and stars transforming. The slow tempos are an appropriate fit for the scale of NADJA’s artistic vision. While much ambient/drone/noise/doom is for very select tastes, NADJA is somehow able to break out of the standard mold and offer something more poignant and original. Perhaps it’s the subtle shoegaze influence or just the quality of the songs themselves. There are so many layers of sound and instrumentation that it’s probably impossible to decipher them all. The only minor weakpoint of the release is the untitled last track which features less substance and more drone and ambience than the first three songs. Skin Turns to Glass is a unique expansive experience that must be felt first hand in order to really understand. (The End Records)