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NAIL WITHIN - Nail Within


NAIL WITHIN features members of some of Israel’s top underground acts, such as BETRAYER, AZAZEL, and SALEM. And based on the conviction delivered on their self-titled debut, the band seems hell-bent on putting Israel on the map as a new birthplace for quality thrash. Right from the start, the band wastes no time, as guitarists Alex Schuster and Matan Grumi deliver riff after crunchy riff, giving the listener a thrash history lesson, from the classic 80’s German sounds of KREATOR, DESTRUCTION, and SODOM to the mid-90’s Gothenburg scene made popular by AT THE GATES and IN FLAMES. NAIL WITHIN makes no bones about where they come from musically, proudly wearing their influences on their sleeves. They even receive the blessings from their heroes, Tomas Lindberg and Mille Petrozza on “Dirt Coloured Knife” as well a solid production job from Harris Johns, the man responsible for churning out some of Germany’s finest speed metal albums. Although originality isn’t exactly the band’s strong point, tight, well-written songs are. Tracks such as “Inhuman Conditions,” “Bleed Forever” and “Elastic” each deliver fine examples of the band’s abilities. Most of the album is a fast-paced effort, though the band manages to slow it down for “King Obscenity” which alternates between clean, acoustic passages and fast, aggressive riffing, displaying the band’s firm grasp of dynamics. So while the band may not be the most original and there may not be very many surprises, NAIL WITHIN have nonetheless succeeded in delivering a solid debut which sets the tone for the future of Israeli thrash. (Listenable)