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NAILS - Obscene Humanity

Nails - Obscene Humanity

Southern California’s NAILS beautifully brings together the brutality and guitar sound of Stockholm death metal, grind, and hardcore into a singularly focused bulldozing sound.  Three songs spanning a total of 6:30+ of this 7" release are just furious and take no fuckin’ prisoners.

Opening track, “Obscene Humanity,” crashes in like the beginning of ENTOMBED’s Left Hand Path with blast beats before settling into a steady chugging rhythm.  “Confront Them” kicks up the speed with vocalist/guitar Todd Jones taking his aggressive cries to another level.  The 7"’s longest song, “Lies,” continues the train off the rails-speed before going into a hypnotic breakdown that takes the song the rest of the way.

While NAILS’ songwriting is relatively simple and straight forward, it’s the tension, the sheer aggression, and delivery that makes these songs good. Bring on the next full-length! (Southern Lord Records)