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NAPALM DEATH - Order of the Leech


Order of the Leech continues where the critically acclaimed “comeback” record, Enemy of the Music Business left off. This time, the aggression is even more rabid and scathing. NAPALM easily blast through the songs with the level of expertise and precision that only the gods of grind possess. Like its predecessor, Order of the Leech is a great combo of the heaviness and aggression of Harmony Corruption/Utopia Banished and the more hooky and groove sounds of Greed Killing/Diatribes and afterwards. The band also injects some new, more technical riffing into the mix. The action is fast and chaotic. So fast and chaotic, that it’s sometimes hard to keep up. Catchiness is compromised for pure speed and aggression and that is the album’s only weakpoint. But Order of the Leach is not without really its catchy and solid numbers such as “Out of Sight, Out of Mind,” “Lowest Common Denominator,” and “Forewarned is Disarmed?” The album is lyrically the most punk rock album in extreme music since NAPALM’s last album. Their socio-political commentary cuts through society’s hypocrisy and lies without mercy. They discuss topics such as waging war in the name of revenge and self-empowerment. Overall, this is a strong effort by the band, although not their best. But it still shows that vitality, creativity, and the sense of urgency is alive and well in NAPALM’s music. There’s nothing cooler than hearing Barney Greenway yell out “BLASTTT!!!” (Spitfire)