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NECROPHOBIC - Death to All

Necrophobic - Death to All

NECROPHOBIC have been around the Swedish scene around the same time as DISSECTION, ENTOMBED, and AMON AMARTH, but have never enjoyed the same success that their counterparts achieved. Nevertheless, the underground metal scene still gives plenty of praise and respect to these cult warriors. After releasing the excellent Hrimthursum album, NECROPHOBIC once again takes no prisoners and continues their war on Christianity with Death to All.

While they no longer play a slow, BATHORY style of blackened metal, NECROPHOBIC now employs a style similar to WATAIN, as far as riffing and dark approach goes. “Celebration of the Goat” sounds eerily similar to their Swedish brethren. “Revelation 666” throws in a few nice solos in between their SLAYER inspired blackened death metal riffs, with a heavy IRON MAIDEN breakdown thrown in for good measure at the end of the song. “For Those Who Stayed Satanic” is the Satanic equivalent to AC/DC’s “For Those About To Rock”, and one might not take this band too seriously with song titles such as this. A melodic approach is featured with “Wings of Death”, as classic NECROPHOBIC picking is strummed along with the simple, but catchy choruses which they are known for. The title track shows off their entire repertoire with melody, sinister riffs, consistent double bass, and a barrage of arpeggio sweeps, as the final movement includes a fitting acoustic outro/melodic solo that carries your soul deep into the snowy night.

The strong points of Death to All is that the band continues in the style they brought forth with Hrimthursum, but simultaneously, the predictability of the songs holds this album back, not to mention that the vocals are bland and monotonous. While NECROPHOBIC have a solid and loyal fanbase, their recent albums have followed a safe formula. The album is enjoyable, but does not leave a lasting impression after repeated spins. Fans of WATAIN and DISSECTION should not be discouraged, however, and will definitely take a liking to Death to All. (Regain Records)