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NORA - Dreamers and Deadmen


There are tons of very cool hardcore albums coming out all the time but there are some that just have that special something that the rest don’t have. Dreamers and Deadmen is one of these special albums and is proudly one of the best hardcore albums of the year. It’s an interesting concept album about perseverance and dealing with life’s hard times. Each song is written from a different point of view of the same situation. Musically, NORA doesn’t sound like a typical “cut and paste” hardcore/metal/punk combination. Their unique style is seemless and calls on influences from genres (doom) and bands (Heartwork-era CARCASS) that are uncommon to most hardcore bands. These guys are top-notch musicians/songwriters and it shows in the dynamics that are presented in each song. NORA create a huge wall of noise, twist their way through technical dissonance, and groove with pure fury. The band does a great job in effectively communicating the ideas and emotions that were put into making the record. You can feel every shred of energy put into it. When CONVERGE’s monumental Jane Doe record was released in 2001, it didn’t seem like any one else could come close. However, Dreamers and Deadmen is definitely worthy enough to be considered in the same company as Jane Doe. No gimmicks, no slogans, just solid, high quality art. (Trustkill)