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Long before Galder joined black metal super stars DIMMU BORGIR, he was creating arguably better music with his own band, OLD MAN’S CHILD. However, in recent years the quality of OLD MAN’S CHILD’s albums have been slowly degrading after reaching a peek with Ill-Natured Spiritual Invasion. Vermin sees Galder once again doing it all himself (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards) with hired gun, Reno Killerich, laying down mechanically perfect drum tracks. The album has the qualities that makes OLD MAN’S CHILD a solid band: a strong blend of thrash/black metal, symphonic keyboards, aggression, sweeping melodies, and a malevolent tone. There are even new and creative riffing styles that are introduced into the Galder’s already excellent stash of riffs. Vermin has it all except for just that one intangible thing, a spark or gut feeling perhaps, that is invoked into the listener that brings about that wide-eyed excitement. Eighth track, “Twilight Damnation,” comes closest to capturing that special fire with its exciting high speed melodies. Vermin is leagues above mediocrity but still a disappointment for those who recognize that Galder is capable of delivering at a higher level. (Century Media Records)