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ON TRIAL - Blinded By The Sun


It’s always a great to surprise to get blown away by an album and a band that you have never heard of. ???? ????? ??? ???? Making their U.S. debut with Blinded By The Sun, this Danish band proves that they’ve got the fire. ON TRIAL weave a psychedelic web of tripped out 60’s/70’s rock. You can hear influences here and there from bands such as THE DOORS, THE JIMI HENDRIX EXPERIENCE, and MOUNTAIN. ON TRIAL prove that they can rock out and trip out with a fine balance of compact, shorter songs (i.e. “That’s Right”) and longer, atmospheric songs (i.e. “Slippin’ and Slidin’ “) that both carry memorable hooks. The latter sound like acid-induced journeys into another state of mind not unlike THE DOORS’ “Riders On The Storm” and “The End.” Bo Morthen’s powerful and charismatic vocals really give the music a strong identity that connects with listeners. The band make good use of various instruments and effects with things like organs, various guitars pedals, sitars, ebow, and trumpet in order to bring on the psychedelic vibe. onecard fawry It’s actually pretty remarkable how you’d mistake Blinded By The Sun for a 30-year old album if you didn’t know otherwise. Even the production of the album is authentic. online casino saudi arabia With these quality tunes on their side, it’s just a matter of time before ON TRIAL take the U.S. retro scene by storm. (Tee Pee Records)