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ORPLID - Sterbender Satyr


Inspired and driven by German folklore and romanticism, ORPLID continue to release unique and interesting music with Sterbender Satyr. Rather than relying predominantly on acoustic/clean electric guitars as in the past, the album sees the band incorporating synthesizers and synthesized percussion more than ever. However, they are used in a minimalistic fashion (i.e. ULVER, BETHLEHEM) and never undermine or overpower each song. This new combination seamlessly works to create the eerie, mysterious, and solemn feel that ORPLID has built their body of work on. Mainman Frank Machau uses his vocals in just the right amount where it helps to build the atmosphere as opposed to taking center stage. There are also a few songs with female lead vocals which only adds sonic variety to Sterbender Satyr. Eighth track, “Instrumental II,” breaks the melancholic mood with its optimism and hopefulness. The following track, “Sang am Abend,” is clearly the best song on the album. The keyboards, guitar riffs, and that subtle mix of sadness and madness sounds like it could’ve come off of THE CURE’s masterpiece, Disintegration. ORPLID have forged new ground with Sterbender Satyr while retaining their distinctly German character. Clearly, this is not your typical, accessible underground release. However, ORPLID wouldn’t have it any other way. (Auerbach Tonträger)