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PARADISE LOST - Symbol of Life


After a short break following last year’s impressive Believe in Nothing, U.K. goth-rock champs, PARADISE LOST, return with their eighth studio offering, Symbol of Life. Picking up right where Believe in Nothing left off, Symbol of Life employs the use of keyboard-laden grooves on top of the band’s heavy riffs, making the result something that will be just as popular on the dance floor as it will in the mosh pit. While vocalist Nick Holmes and company have mastered the art of blending electronica with metal, fear not - it never branches out into something akin to SISTERS OF MERCY (as was the case with PARADISE LOST’s most hated Host CD.) The keyboards and electronica never overpower the guitars, and vice versa; which is rather fortunate because this could easily sound a lot like RAMMSTEIN. But PARADISE LOST have way too much maturity and experience for that. Just listen to opener “Isolate,” followed by European single “Erased” to see for yourself. “Isolate” made me want to see this band live, as it paints a very pretty picture when visualized on the stage. The album flows steadily and well, with highlights including but not limited to “Perfect Mask,” “Pray Nightfall” and “Small Town Boy.” Paradise Lost haven’t redefined anything in particular, but put out a very strong and extremely listenable album that firmly defines them as the kings they are. (Koch Records)