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Once a forward-thinking musical collective, PITCHSHIFTER (along with GODFLESH and FEAR FACTORY) helped carve out a space for future generations of music makers. Fusing electronic and industrial with metal was a precursor to the rap/rock and rap/metal movements. But unfortunately for PITCHSHIFTER, the rest of the music world has now surpassed them. Their new album PSI is a slab of typical song-driven aggro-rock/metal with melodic hooks and booming beats and samples. Although the beats and samples are killer (PITCHSHIFTER have always had a knack for that), their song-driven approach falls short as the hooks are mediocre at best and absent is their classic driving bass guitar (which truly gave them a strong and energetic vibe). Still, PSI is no doubt a listenable experience (plenty of nu-metal scream-alongs!). I wont count these guys out just yet, but PITCHSHIFTER are no longer one step ahead of the game. (Sanctuary Records)