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PRIMORDIAL - The Gathering Wilderness


Nestled deep in the forest of soulless mediocrity lays salvation in the form of Ireland’s PRIMORDIAL. This band has been creating their own brand of epic doom/folk/black metal since the early 90’s and The Gathering Wilderness demonstrates that they’re dangerously getting better with time. With the spirit of BATHORY’s Quorthon in their souls, PRIMORDIAL take the listener on a massive journey that shakes the heavens. Musically built on a storm of strummed chords to a steady battle pulse, the songs maintain a high level of tension that characterizes The Gathering Wilderness’ enveloping tone. Each song also has a great sense of flow with plenty of song progressions that conveys an uncontrived, organic feel. Vocalist A.A. Nemtheanga’s inspiring and soulful performance conjures images of a man shouting with all his might from the mountain tops. Few albums, or bands for that matter, can stir up this level of emotion and inspiration within the listener. Fans of Viking era-BATHORY and old BORKNAGAR should take note. Props to Metal Blade for signing such a criminally underexposed band and subsequently releasing their best release in years. (Metal Blade Records)