PRIMORDIAL – To the Nameless Dead

The only way to follow up a great album is with another great one. And that is just what Irish heroes, PRIMORDIAL, have done with their stellar new work, To the Nameless Dead. Opener, “Empire Falls,” triumphantly proclaims the return of the band. The song sets the tone for the entire album with plenty of soul, passion, and power. The natural rhythmic flow, the colorful textures, and constant dynamic shifts that build and release tension help to create the epic songwriting style that PRIMORDIAL have forged throughout their career. It’s not just the great riffs, musicianship, and songwriting that make To the Nameless Dead such a strong album but it’s also the purity and honesty that is present in their music. This in turn allows the tales of melancholy, tragedy, and triumph to really shine through in a profound manner. To the Nameless Dead is an enjoyable listening experience from beginning to end and you’ll know just how powerful the album is once it ends and you realize that you’ve felt the album deep in the pit of your gut. Without a doubt To the Nameless Dead is yet another triumph for one of the underground’s best bands. (Metal Blade Records)

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