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PSYOPUS - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered


PSYOPUS make quite a statement with their latest album, Our Puzzling Encounters Considered. This Rochester, NY crew takes technical, over-the-top, math metal/technical dissonant brutality to new levels. The album is full of super fast, twisted guitar playing, insane, spastic tempo changes, and just overall outrageous chaos. The notes and blast beats come at you so fast and so suddenly, that you’re left wondering how you got your face blowtorched off and your mind ravaged. Track 6, “The Imogenis Puzzle Part 2,” provides the only real break from the brutality with a “light” series of guitar runs that touch on classical guitar. However, the madness returns with “Play Some Skynyrd,” complete with wailing guitars that sound like laser guns and elephants roaring. The song also serves as a condemnation of the generic and uninspired mindset of bands in the hardcore scene. Because of the fact that it’s so easy to get lost in all the chaos, it’s important to note that Our Puzzling Encounters Considered has some really good lyrics centered around broken relationships and other conditions of the mind. Overall, PSYOPUS have written a strong album that pushes the boundaries of sheer extremity. Our Puzzling Encounters Considered is perfect for those seeking the instant gratification of listening to some absolutely mind blowing music without any of the guilt. (Metal Blade Records)