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RAUNCHY - Death Pop Romance


Denmark’s RAUNCHY have undeservedly flown under the radar for most of their existence. However, their new album, Death Pop Romance, screams for attention and mass appeal. RAUNCHY’s sound is largely inspired by the more accessible, slick, and melodic stylings of IN FLAMES and SOILWORK’s current sound. There is an equal mix of clean vocals and death metal snarls that lean more towards the stronger qualities possessed by Speed Strid as opposed to Anders Friden. However, the band retains the bite of its melodic death and thrash metal roots, probably more so than the two aforementioned bands. Death Pop Romance’s sound is further characterized by a fiery, energetic demeanor and futuristic melodic keyboards. Since each song is structured to be a hit, the album lives and dies on each of them. Some of the vocal hooks are undeniably catchy while others are not quite as strong. There are numerous moments on Death Pop Romance where RAUNCHY flirt with greatness and these moments are what drive you to continue listening until the end. The top dogs of this style better watch their backs as RAUNCHY have matched them pound for pound and are more than happy to take over the throne. (Lifeforce Records America)