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RAZOR CRUSADE - Infinite Water


RAZOR CRUSADE’s debut full length record, Infinite Water, picks up where their teaser EP left off. Thankfully, these guys have not faltered and have delivered a solid, impressive album. Throw SNAPCASE, QUICKSAND, a dash of alt rock and a sprinkle of hard rock into a blender and you’re close to what these guys sound like. One of the most striking things about Infinite Water is the vibrancy and spontaneous energy with which RAZOR CRUSADE rock out with. These relatively short songs hit hard, do their damage, and then end. No overdrawn parts or attempts at overextending the point of the songs here. Infinite Water finds a good balance between more, harder rocking moments and more subdued, delicate parts. Thus, things don’t sound like one long, monotonous song. Newly recruited frontman, Ivo Jansen’s performance is a strong point of the record. He holds it all together with his strong, charismatic voice and honest, heartfelt lyrics. Infinite Water is also completed by some beautiful design and layout by Zolo Totik. Given today’s mainstream rock climate, RAZOR CRUSADE have what it takes to make it big. Infinite Water was created with the honest passion of the underground spirit but also possesses a level of accessibility that could appeal to a wider audience. (Reflections Records/Deathwish Inc.)