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REACHING FORWARD - Complete Discography 1998-2000


Europe’s REACHING FORWARD may not be a well-known name, but this release may change things. The album brings together their For the Cause LP, ENSIGN split 7”, BLOODPACT split 7”, Pride is Everlasting 7”, and a live performance. REACHING FORWARD bash out relentless hardcore punk rock in the vein of SICK OF IT ALL and CONFLICT. The relentless aggression and speed (that is just short of blast beats) demonstrated here are some of the most extreme in the genre. Each song seethes with the conviction and energy of the hardcore ethos. The lyrics are truly a strongpoint. The well-written, personal words about such topics as unity, disillusionment with society, and self-development really show that they take their subject matter dead seriously. The riffing and tempos on each song may not vary drastically from one another but things manage to gel together to create solid hardcore anthems. It’s the solidity in the songwriting and spirit of the band that really show why REACHING FORWARD are a cut above the rest. Thirty-two tracks of solid music for the price of one CD doesn’t sound bad at all. (Martyr Records)