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RED HARVEST - Internal Punishment Programs


Though RED HARVEST is one of the most underrated bands in extreme music, they continue to put out strong music. Internal Punishment Programs continues the evolution of their unique industrial extreme metal style. RED HARVEST display a good balance between driving aggression (i.e. “Teknocrate,” “Fall of Fate”), doomy atmospherics (i.e. “Symbol of Decade”), and mid-tempo grooves (i.e. “Synthesize My DNA”). The most noticeable improvement that has been made from their last effort, Sick Transit Gloria Mundi, is the stronger cohesiveness between the songs, giving the album a more complete feel. Thus, RED HARVEST’s strong ability to create a dark, bleak futuristic atmosphere is magnified. The production has improved as well. The guitars and bass have a warm and full tone to them. The drums sound natural and crystal clear. The intriguing synth/sample/programming work of LRZ finds a perfect place in the mix. Internal Punishment Programs is the band’s best overall album, furthering solidifying their position as one of the genre’s best. However, you just get the feeling that RED HARVEST’s full potential has yet to be fully realized and that their really great break-through album is just around the corner. (Nocturnal Art Productions/Candlelight USA)