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RED HARVEST - Sick Transit Gloria Mundi


Sick Transit Gloria Mundi is a dark, gritty album drawing from the sound only their fellow norsemen can create. I was pleasantly surprised by RED HARVEST’s rather unique flavor of metal. Although obviously rooted in black metal, they are not a straight-up black metal band. RED HARVEST manage to seamlessly sprinkle electronic elements producing a industrial-tinged sound. Even a few rare moments recall the majesty of Burton C. Bell-esque vocals. Unfortunately, Sick Transit Gloria Mundi drags its feet at times resulting in some rather lull and uninspiring moments. Certainly an ineffective attempt to build droning atmospherics. But perhaps it is those moments that help the fervent passages of metallic and industrial chaos to shine. RED HARVEST is easily welcome back for subsequent albums. Next time though boys…please do kick it up a notch! (Nocturnal Art Productions/Relapse Records)