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RED SPAROWES - At the Soundless Dawn


Los Angeles’ RED SPAROWES deliver a fresh breath of creativity out of a place notorious for its trendy superficiality. The band is comprised of an all-star roster of Bryant Clifford Meyer on guitar/vocals (ISIS), Jeff Caxide on bass/guitar (ISIS), Josh Graham on guitar/vocals (NEUROSIS visuals and video director), Greg Burns on bass/pedal steel (HALIFAX PIER), and Dana Berkowitz on drums (formerly of CONVERGE offshoot THE CIGNAL). Throughout the album’s seven instrumental tracks, the band effortlessly paints subtle and delicate soundscapes with an underlying sublime thread. Think engaging atmospherics ala prog, alternative, shoegazer, indie rock. Their sound is led by clean electric guitars laden with various effects. Each member acts as an equal participant by adding their own distinct layer. RED SPAROWES demonstrate their strong understanding of dynamics to create an album that ebbs and flows with ease. At the same time, they’re able to control the emotional tension within the album as a whole. Just as when it seems the scene is getting creatively base and tired, RED SPAROWES’ arrival could’ve come at a better time. This is indeed the perfect album to listen to welcome the arrival of dawn after a long night of soul searching. (Neurot Recordings)