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REMEMBERING NEVER ??" Woman and Children Die First


REMEMBERING NEVER have written one of the most pissed off albums in recent memory. For the most part, the album is a reactionary stance against the teenie bopper-isms and other superficialities that have become prevalent in the U.S. hardcore scene. In turn, they’ve ingrained a true sense of purpose and spirit into this record. Each song is a scathing criticism of various subjects ranging from their aforementioned disgust with the hardcore scene, to organized religion, to the current war in the Middle East. Musically, REMEMBERING NEVER have moved away from the sound of their more straight ahead work, She Looks So Good In Red. Woman and Children Die First is ten times heavier, more technical and contains more breakdowns than ever. Unfortunately, their frequent “start and stop” approach breaks the flow of the album, both figuratively and literally. There are a bunch of really good passages but the songs are just put together in a disjointed way as to not accommodate a smooth continuity, even in a “start and stop” context. You’re left wanting to hear more of these great parts but impatience grows as you wait for the next one to hit. There is a fitting ending to the album in the form of an excellent cover of PANTERA’s “Strength Beyond Strength” as a hidden track. Overall, Woman and Children Die First gets high marks for conviction but minus points for a disappointing execution. (Ferret Music)