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REVOCATION - Revocation

Revocation - Revocation

With their popularity at an all time high, how does REVOCATION’s self titled fourth album fair?  Basically, they deliver the kind of album that fans will be happy with.  Revocation is extreme metal that incorporates all different shades such as 80’s thrash, prog metal/rock, as well as modern influences such as NEVERMORE.  With the band’s undeniable musical talents, they run through it all with such ease.

REVOCATION’s diversity is what prevents them from being pigeonholed as this or that.  Every song on the album is a different look and keeps one off kilter in terms of accurately guessing what “the REVOCATION sound” is.  Surely, metal warriors could name the band that served as influences for many of the songs.  Tasty instrumental sections are all over the place.  The action is always flowing with plenty of energy, which keeps Revocation from stagnation.

So if a diverse, burst of energy delivered with dazzling playing is what turns you on, REVOCATION has your fix.