RINGWORM – The Promise

The Promise may not be one of the better-known underground records out there but the folks at Deathwish Inc. are determined to change that with this reissue. Originally released in 1993 by Incision Records, The Promise is one of the best records to come out of the Cleveland scene. Unlike some of their peers, RINGWORM were not about extending the olive branch to their enemies or being straight edge. The Promise was a brutal fist-in-the-face statement of their arrival. It would be a crime to shortchange this album by simply considering it as a “metalcore” album. RINGWORM have created a hard hitting combo of underground extreme music that blurs the lines between metal, hardcore, grindcore, and crust. The album is reminiscent of so many classic bands such as DISCHARGE and CARCASS. Vocalist Human Furnace sounds like a madman ready to take on a gang of thugs by himself. Tough riffs, a good sense of natural hooks, and a strong balance in diversity contribute to a very solid album. This reissue features beautiful repackaging and artwork courtesy of Deathwish Inc. co-founder/CONVERGE frontman J. Bannon. There are also track-by-track liner notes by the band as well as the added bonus tracks of their demo. Even 10 years later, the youthful exuberance, brilliant spontaneity and sense of urgency are fully intact. The Promise is undoubtedly an underground classic. (Deathwish Inc.)

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