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RISE AND FALL - Our Circle is Vicious

Rise and Fall - Our Circle is Vicious

Gent, Belgium may not be a world famous city but it’s the home of one of the best up and coming hardcore bands, RISE AND FALL. Their third album, Our Circle is Vicious, speaks to the soul and charges the emotions. There is a strong dark feel to things. It’s absolutely crucial that one reads the lyrics to Our Circle is Vicious as they are the heart of the album. Straight up, unambiguous, and honest, the stories that are told on Our Circle is Vicious are as devastating as they are empowering.

While RISE AND FALL can dish out the brutal, fast material just as well as their peers, the band separates themselves from the pack with their slower, more atmospheric material. The trudging “To the Bottom” does an excellent job of expressing agony and disillusionment with its drag out feel. “In Circles” features the great use of crescendos and decrescendos and sweet drum parts. Album closer, “The Knowing,” is the crown jewel of Our Circle is Vicious with its delicate and melancholic feel. When the song kicks into its final heavy riff, it almost reaches classic METALLICA levels.

Guitarist Cedric Goetgebuer finds an excellent balance between heavy-handed brutality and creating emotional atmospheres with clean electrics and guitar effects. His style is what helps to give RISE AND FALL a signature sound.

Our Circle is Vicious is a symbol of the kind of music that keeps not only hardcore but extreme music true. (Deathwish Inc.)