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SAMHAIN - Live 1984 Stardust Ballroom


Without a doubt, there continues to be a rabid fanbase for the iconic Glenn Danzig’s SAMHAIN even decades after its demise. To meet this demand Music Video Distributors has released an official DVD of the band’s first show in L.A. at the now demolished Stardust Ballroom in Hollywood. No, this isn’t a professionally filmed show with 10 cameras and equally as many angles. Live 1984 is basically a very high quality bootleg video filmed strictly from the both sides of the stages that captures the entire set. The sound is crystal clear and well-balanced. The stage is brightly lit throughout the entire set and the picture quality is generally very good. There are camera shots of every member of SAMHAIN but most of the attention is on Glenn Danzig, bassist Eerie Von, and guitarist Pete “Damien” Marshall. There are only a few scattered shots of the crowd at the front of the stage. The band tear through a set of SAMHAIN classics as well as some MISFITS classics such as “Die, Die My Darling” and “Halloween II.” Danzig’s onstage presence is undeniable and his voice is in perfect form here. He even plays guitar on “Archangel.” It’s just an awesome feeling to see this footage and feel like you’re watching a document of music history. There’s just never enough SAMHAIN footage that you can get your hands on. Subsequently, Live 1984 is a must for die-hard fans. (Music Video Distributors)