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SATYRICON - Now, Diabolical


SATYRICON has always been on a path of evolution and reinvention that has produced interesting, powerful music with that ever present Norwegian black metal heart. Now, Diabolical harnesses its power from a predominantly mid-tempo pace. You don’t necessarily need blast beats to be effective as SATYRICON prove that dishing out killer riffs and grooves are more than adequate. As a result, the grimness and the jet black atmospheres are given space to breathe and really sink in. The steady pace also gives drum god Frost new opportunities to demonstrate his well-rounded chops. SATYRICON’s burning conviction is undeniable especially with Satyr’s powerful vocal performance. The production is as good as it gets with its strong balance, crystal clear sound, and in-your-face mix. Bonus track, “Storm (of the Destroyer),” is SATYRICON at their fastest and most vicious; clearly not a typical throwaway bonus track. As a whole, Now, Diabolical really doesn’t have any significant weak points. It’s probably the band’s most catchy album to date. Now, Diabolical is just solid, complete, and blatantly superior to most metal releases. The facts are undeniable. (Century Media Records)