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SATYRICON - Ten Horns Ten Diadems


Ten Horns-Ten Diadems compiles eight tracks selected from the band’s substantial catalog in celebration of the band’s (you guessed it) 10 years of existence. With so much material to choose from, it’s impossible to pick the right songs to satisfy every fan. But luckily for us (SATYRICON fans) there’s no filler either. Ten Horns features 3 remastered tracks “Dominions of Satyricon”, “Taakeslottet” and “Night of Divine Power” which is a remake of “Dark Castles in the Deep Forest” from the Dark Medieval Times debut album. The remastered tracks are a bit louder & give the songs a bit more clarity then the originals. There are 5 randomly chosen songs in addition to the 3 remasters ’till we get what we’ve been waiting for, the 2 unreleased songs. “Serpents Rise” creates an ominous feel with dissonant riffing and pounding tribal drumming from Frost over some spoken word. This segues perfectly into “Repine Bastard Nation” which will be featured on the next album. The song continues in the tradition of Rebel Extravaganza and is a catchy mid-tempo track that features a driving riff from Satyr and solid double-bass from the always reliable Frost. Visually the package is quite impressive, a digipak in a fancy box with a 20 page booklet packed with many rare & previously unpublished photos and lyrics as well. There’s also a foreword from Hammer magazine’s Robert Muller for those of you who give a shit about the guy or forewords. Diehards wanting to pick this up shouldn’t overpay as it’s being offered for a low price from it’s U.S distributor, The End Records. Although I’m still on the fence as to how mandatory this release is, Ten Horns - Ten Diadems still serves as an excellent introduction to the uninitiated to one of the leaders & survivors of the Norwegian Black Metal scene. (Moonfog)