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SCARLET - Something To Lust About


Something To Lust About serves as a precursor to SCARLET’s upcoming full length, Cult Classic. If this EP is anything indication of things to come, then SCARLET are definitely a band to look out for. Heavy-as-fuck metallic hardcore is SCARLET’s game. Even though there are already quite a few bands out there in the hardcore scene that share the same sound, the quality of the music is just too good to deny. One of the strong points of the release is its poignant, brutally truthful social commentary. The lyrics savagely rip apart the weaknesses of the human condition. It’s this uncompromising attitude that really exemplifies what hardcore is all about. The rest of the band create an intense vibe with an in-your-face bulldozer delivery. The rhythm guitar, bass, and drums provide the heavy backbone while the lead guitar provides plenty of twisted dissonance. Third track, “Sell Yourself,” provides a cool break from all the heaviness. It displays a tasteful implementation of a cold, dark industrial influence. Unfortunately this release is only made up of a quick, six songs and it all ends before you even know it. You’ll find yourself listening to it over and over again just to try and digest all the goodness. (Ferret Music)