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SCISSORFIGHT - Potential New Agent for Unconventional Warfare


While most stoner/heavy rock bands tend to want to focus on what they know, (getting stoned, boozing it up, and rocking out) New Hampshire’s SCISSORFIGHT have chosen a more unconventional route by writing about urban legends and redneck folklore, all of which serve as a backdrop to their catchy, undeniably rocking, steady grooving songs. To those of you who are unfamiliar with the band, SCISSORFIGHT combine elements of southern rock, blues, country, classic rock and metal, creating the musical equivalent to some Ozark moonshine the band was probably wasted on while writing this EP. Geezum Crow and Jarvis peel off riff after groovy riff, bound to keep your foot tapping, as Kevin Strongbow pounds his kit into oblivion, all of which serve as the perfect foundation for Ironlung’s drunken tall tales and urban myths. I could take or leave the somewhat pointless German lesson found at the end of the record, (fortunately it’s tucked away at the end, so you can skip it if you like) though I’m sure it’s some inside joke that the band found hilarious. But in any event, while SCISSORFIGHT’s latest isn’t likely to appeal to the average DEICIDE fan, even at a mere twenty-minutes plus, this EP is still far superior to any of that overrated garbage currently performed by Josh Homme and co. (Hydra Head)