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SCUM - Gospels for the Sick


SCUM is the latest supergroup to emerge from where else but Norway. The band is composed of Samoth (EMPEROR, ZYKLON), Faust (ABORYM, BLOOD TSUNAMI, ex-EMPEROR), Happy Tom (TURBONEGRO), Cosmocrator (MINDGRINDER, ex-SOURCE OF TIDE), and fronted by the only non-Norwegian, Casey Chaos (AMEN). It’s quite an interesting line-up to say the least that gels extremely well. Those unfamiliar or skeptical of Casey Chaos’ inclusion should cast their apprehensions aside as he does a great job in leading these Norwegian superstars with plenty of attitude, energy, and memorable vocal lines. You can call them “death punk” (heavy emphasis on both words) or picture an ugly, writhing mass of CELTIC FROST, DISCHARGE, and DARKTHRONE getting into a fist fight. And the songs? Shit, the songs are pretty damn catchy and memorable. There is a strong sense of spontaneity and black metal/punk attitude at the core. Things start out with songs with catchier, “bigger” choruses and then grows meaner and darker by the album’s conclusion. Album closer, “The Perfect Mistake,” snarls and head stomps forth with that classic Norwegian black metal feel with none other than DARKTHRONE’s Nocturno Culto contributing vocals. Other guest appearances include Mortiis on backing vocals on “Backstabbers Go to Heaven” and Euroboy laying down his trademark licks on “Throw Up on You.” Gospels for the Sick isn’t infallible but it’s a hell of a way to start things off. Album no. 2 please. (Candlelight USA/Dogjob Records)