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SEEMLESS - What Have We Become


SEEMLESS’ sophomore album, What Have We Become, arrives with the hope of being something special as alluded to in their debut album. The album continues their heavy blues rock sound, which neither follows the clichés of retro rock bands nor is too predictable as anything typically termed “stoner rock.” Though there is nothing on the album that can be described as “bad,” there is just something missing here. While some riffs and songs parts are cool, most of them fail to excite and may leave you indifferent. The songs maintain a certain level of complacency and never really get into the groove of things and really kick ass. Perhaps the abundance of bands out there that share a relatively similar sound hinders SEEMLESS’ effectiveness as well. The conviction of the band is not questioned. However, the execution is another matter. At the end of the day, What Have We Become fails to do its job and grab the listener. (Equal Vision Records)