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SEEMLESS - Seemless


An infinite departure from singer Jesse David’s former band, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, SEEMLESS is a grunge-laden, blues-rock affair that’ll leave the words “stoner” and “rock” on the tip of your tongue. Seemless rocks with all the essential 70’s rock elements: thick fuzzy guitars, warm wah-wah solos, splashy drums, and a monster groove. Not quite the genre that elicits unending originality, but SEEMLESS rock with balls and confidence that make them able players. While Jesse’s singing really helped elevate KILLSWITCH ENGAGE to the next level, he’s forced to alter his approach to fit SEEMLESS, and for the most part, he sounds right at home. However, there are some times where his voice sounds a little unrefined and unfamiliar with the new musical territory. Perhaps what’s missed most from Jesse is his knack for song-defining melodic hooks, which slightly rears its head on tracks “Somthing’s Got to Give,” “Lay My Burden Down,” and “The Wanderer.” SEEMLESS are off on the right foot and with some natural maturation, they’re bound to crank out some killer albums in the future. (Equal Vision)