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SENTENCED - Buried Alive


On October 1, 2006, SENTENCED said farewell to their 17 year career with one final show in front of a hometown crowd at Club Teatria in Oulu, Finland. Those who were into underground metal during the mid-late 90’s were probably well aware of SENTENCED’s influence as one of the first melodic death metal bands, who eventually evolved into a rockin’ “suicide metal” band. One of the first things one is reminded of while listening to Buried Alive is that these guys knew how to write strong, memorable songs unlike the legions of underground metal bands with their endless abyss of forgettable music. The hooks are embodied everywhere from the melodic lead guitars, to the riffs, verses and choruses, and vocal lines. SENTENCED don’t say goodbye without dusting off some of their classic death metal/Amok-era material with none other than original vocalist/bassist, Taneli Jarva, midway through their set. The entire concert, reproduced here on two CDs, is played with plenty of energy in front of an adoring, pumped up crowd that helps to make the atmosphere special. The 26 tracks taken from the SENTENCED back catalogue sound good enough to stand alone without having to watch the DVD counterpart. Buried Alive sees an old favorite go out at their best and is a must-have for any SENTENCED fan. (Century Media Records)