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SEPULTURA - Live in São Paulo DVD


It’s been 14 years since SEPULTURA last put out a live concert video. Filmed in front of their hometown crowd in March of this year, Live in São Paulo is an excellent document of the band in 2005. The 2-disc set includes the aforementioned live set in Brazil, a “making of,” band biography, a documentary by vocalist Derrick Green of his experience in the band, video clips, and three additional live songs filmed in Dusseldorf, Germany. The extensive São Paulo set contains a good mix of all the different eras of the band. There’s a nice chunk of old songs in “Inner Self/Beneath the Remains,” “Escape to the Void,” “Troops of Doom” and “Necromancer” (featuring original lead guitarist Jairo Guedes and KRISIUN’s Alex Carmago). The show is brimming with energy and enthusiasm from both the band and the crowd. What is apparent is the fact that SEPULTURA have surprisingly become even better musicians throughout the years. Iconic drummer Igor Cavalera rules over all with his excellent performance. He’s just all over the drum kit in masterful fashion. Vocalist Derrick Green shows off his ever-growing roar throughout the set. And yeah, guitar god Andreas Kisser and bassist Paulo Jr. aren’t too shabby either. There are multiple cameras that capture the show along with a good mix in the sound. The band documentary is pretty entertaining. It’s filled with photos, short video clips, and provides an interesting look into the band during the Derrick Green-era. The only problem is that the sound of the actual video clips is way too low and the background songs are way too loud. Overall, Live in São Paulo is an excellent package filled with plenty of quality content. It’s further proof that SEPULTURA are still thriving. (SPV Records)