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SEVERE TORTURE - Sworn Vengeance


Much of metal’s evolution in recent years has involved plenty of hydridization of genres, resulting in mixed results. However, Holland’s SEVERE TORTURE have stuck to their guns and kept the spirit of pure death metal alive. The band aim for a balance between technicality and catchiness within a brutal context and they manage to succeed. There’s plenty of substance in Sworn Vengeance with plenty of high quality chunks of meat. Sonically, the record sounds great. Each band member’s contributions are on display in crystal clarity. Sworn Vengeance is competently written and performed, but the material itself just doesn’t reach a level higher than a couple notches above average. There’s nothing overtly wrong or bad about the songs here but they are just not quite good enough to compete with the big fish of the genre. Nevertheless, SEVERE TORTURE have written an album that is still enjoyable and possesses strong attributes. (Earache Records)