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SHINING - One One One

Shining - One One One

The final chapter of SHINING (Norway)’s Blackjazz trilogy is unnerving, volatile, and unsettling.  And this is likely what the band set out to do.  SHINING take a decidedly more rock-based approach on One One One compared to the record’s two predecessors.

The level of musicality on One One One is a great testament to SHINING’s masterful understanding of music theory, songwriting, and artistry. One One One is in perpetual motion powered by an engine teeming with energy. Don’t wait for quiet or segue tracks. Expect lots of dissonance and chaos.

The characteristic that stands out the most and runs through each song is an overwhelming sense of tension. Even when things seem relatively straight forward, SHINING will break it apart and bring a bit of controlled chaos to it (i.e. “You Won’t Forget”). While they build and release tension throughout the songs, that tension is never completely released. Second track, “The One Inside,” really takes this pressure to another level and the album never comes down from it.

Vocalist/saxophonist Jorgen Munkeby’s vocal performance reaches a new level here - think Al Jourgensen-territory. The magic is really in his delivery rather that just vocal quality. Check out “Off the Hook” for an example. But let’s not give the frontman all the credit. The rest of the band have great chops.

One One One is solid for what it is (and not for what it isn’t), carries the essence of the band, and is a good ending for the Black Jazz trilogy. (Indie Recordings/Prosthetic Records)