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SINCE BY MAN - We Sing the Body Electric


We Sing the Body Electric is the sound of a hungry band, a band that wants to play the highest quality music. The album is a good balance of the heaviest and melodic elements of hardcore/metalcore sprinkled with a pinch of indie rock. Whether it be the heavy-as-fuck riffs or the foot tapping upbeat choruses, one cannot deny that SINCE BY MAN can rock in so many ways. There are moments here where they flirt with brilliance. “Light Fuse Get Away” shows the band at their catchiest. Vocalist, Sam Macon leads the band in one of the many catchy and rockin’ choruses of the album. “In Threes” carries a really atmospheric and solemnly, emotional vibe with its quiet clean guitar echoing against a backdrop of spoken word and drums. It’s very reminiscent of some of the vibes on SNAPCASE’s End Transmission. “Watch the Fall” and “The Enemy” continue this vibe with a more dark and depressing feel with heavy, chaotic passages. Another strongpoint of We Sing the Body Electric is the high level of musicianship on display. They travel from one spectrum of hardcore to the other with dynamics and solid riffs in hand. Look out for SINCE BY MAN! They’ve written one of the best hardcore albums of 2003. (Revelation)